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Sex with Son in Law

She was living with her husband in a studio apartment in another town where he was working in a private company. Since my daughter had already been admitted to a maternity hospital, she requested me to stay at her apartment for a month or so. Knowing well that I mostly remain alone at home, she knew I could fly the next morning and take care of my son in law. My husband is a businessman and mostly remains abroad. Although, he is a passionate lover in the bed, he hardly finds much time to satisfy my sexual desires. I don’t know where and how he fulfills his own sexual desires, and I don’t bother asking him. However, despite being sex starved; I remained contended on my sex toys for the past several years. Whenever we went abroad, seeing my interest in dildos and anal beads, my husband bought me variety of those. I must admit that I always enjoyed my sex toys particularly my vibrator and anal beads more than having sex with my husband. While fucking my all holes with those toys, I could imagine all my fantasies fulfilled. My husband was happy that I was taking keen interest in toys rather than cheating him as perhaps he was.

	I had once seen my own son in law fucking my daughter’s tight asshole. She was screaming with ecstasy as he was continuously rubbing her clit with his wet fingers, while giving long but gentle thrust of his cock in her wet asshole. When he reached his climax and pulled his shaft out of my daughter’s asshole he gave it in her mouth. The glimpse of his extra ordinarily long and thick dick made me wet. I kept watching his plump meat, till he shot his thick load in my daughter’s mouth. The continuous long strokes of my daughter’s tongue at his shaft made it a rock hard. He parted my daughter’s juicy cunt with the round head and fucked her for about twenty minutes. I think my daughter shot her load twice while my son in law came once more. Meanwhile, I had also cum in my panty while imagining his thick shaft in me. Although, I knew that even perhaps thinking about my own son in law having sex with me was a sin, but I had had several orgasms that night while masturbating. As the time kept passing, my urges to have his thick meat in me enhanced. I knew it was a creepy thought, but I could not resist the lust. I continued masturbating with those incestuous thoughts for several months, until I received that call. With those creepy thoughts of living alone with my own son in law, I immediately agreed and reached the day she was admitted in the hospital. I however, forgot that I may not be able to masturbate in a one room apartment. 

	Even though I am 43, I am still proud of my gorgeous body, as I have kept it in good shape. Being five feet seven inches tall, having elegant curves, flat belly with deep belly button, broad ass cheeks and fleshy breasts, I have always been under the spotlight of most men. That was the first thing I had often noticed about my son in law also. He had always been eyeing at my body whenever he got a chance. On the very first day, at more than one occasions, I noticed him staring at my fleshy melons. In the evening, when I went to see my daughter at hospital, I found out from the doctors that my daughter had some complications and was advised to keep away from sexual intercourse for the last three months. When I came back, I again felt my son in law staring at my deep curves. Since, we were alone at home; this time, he looked quite daring and I could see him hiding a huge bulge in his shorts. I could imagine the reasons of his frequent sexual arousal.
Let me share it that I always sleep naked at home. But since, it was studio apartment I decided to sleep in my panties with a large "T" Shirt. However, it was difficult for me to wear panty and bra. When I went to the only washroom for changing my dress, I heard strange sounds from inside. Soon I realized that my son in law was moaning and saying, "Oh yeah baby suck it." It was obvious that he was masturbating in the bath room. As I said, I hadn't had active sex for years and had been fantasizing about him, I found myself very aroused. I felt my slit getting moist and started fingering myself. Soon I heard his loud moan as he went off. I immediately moved away towards kitchen and started waiting for him to come out of washroom. When I went to the washroom for changing my dress, I could not resist and started fingering my slit. I could not hold my moans and came with huge orgasm. Thinking that my son in law might have gone to the mattress, I turned back and opened the door. I saw my son in law standing close to the door. He had perhaps heard my moans. I think both of us felt a little embarrassed but didn’t speak a word. At night my son in law was sleeping on the mattress besides me. I was hot and started fingering my slit. It felt wonderful having my young hot son in law sleeping besides me. I know I was very wet and was close to orgasm, when I felt my son in law’s warm palm at my naked buttocks. I was amused and felt aroused. I didn’t move and let him do it. Seeing no reaction from my side, he picked up courage and started probing my ass crack. I let out a startled gasp and pretended to get away. But he clamped my buttocks and pulled me towards his cock. Knowing it was a sin, I wanted him to stop but it felt so good, as he wouldn't let me up. After a while I couldn't help and thrust my hips up against his invading dick. He started rubbing my vagina with his wet finger and the let his thick cock rub in my ass crack. Listening to my moans, he pulled the sheet completely off me, lifted my T-shirt up and started finger fucking me. After some time, he parted my legs and slid his tongue in my slit. I didn't say anything and just let it happen. Then he slid my T-shirt further up and began sucking my nipples while finger fucking my cunt. My pussy mound started moving up and down as he continued pumping but juicy slit. Seeing me so hot, he grabbed my hand and guided it down to his crotch. I gasped when I came in contact with my dream cock, a huge and thick meat shaft. I couldn't even get my fingers around the shaft. It was hard as steel as I ran my hand up and down the monster.

Soon I felt my T-shirt being completely pulled off. I was totally naked in front of my own son in law. I forgot about all ethics and morality and wanted him in me as he moved his face between my legs. I shuddered as I felt his tongue run up and down my wet slit. My hand automatically went to his head and I pulled him tighter into my pussy. I could feel the amazing prick of his stubble at my pussy lips as he sucked my clit. I grabbed my pillow and put it over my mouth to muffle my cries as I came all over his face. It was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. As I was slowly coming down from my orgasm, I felt his weight on my top as he was between my legs. Before I could realize his huge cock head was parting my pussy lips. I was in shock; I had never had anything so thick in me before. Since I was very wet from my orgasm, half of his meat slid into me, the moment he pushed the head of his erection into me. Then with one more thrust he filled me completely. I quickly grabbed the pillow again as I reached my climax with the feeling of my son in law’s thick cock in me. I could feel the huge head against my cervix, it was so long. I had never felt anything like it before.

He groaned as he kept sliding in and out of me. ‘Can I squirt inside mom’? He whispered into my ear. I kept quiet as I was protected. He groaned with his ass cheeks stiffened and I felt him shooting his seeds deep in my cunt. I could feel his cum running down my uterus. After he squeezed the last drop of his cum in my cunt, he pulled out of me and moved up to my head. I could imagine what he wanted and took his meat in my hand. I could only get the head of his cock and about 2 inches of the shaft in my mouth. But I lovingly ran my tongue around him until his dick again became rock hard. He let me suck it until he shot a big load in my mouth. Thereafter we turned our backs towards each other without saying a word. I didn’t know about his feeling but I couldn’t sleep most of the night, ashamed of what I had done. However, recalling what had happened, I went to the bathroom and finger fucked me until I came hard. I avoided him in the morning until he went to his office.

I knew I had committed incest. It was a sin to cheat my own daughter. It could ruin our lives, but I wanted that big cock in me again. I didn't have to wait for the night. My son in law came home early. To avoid embarrassment, I lay on the mattress, pretending a sleep. ‘Oh mom, are you sleeping? I am also tired’ I heard him and felt him sliding in the sheet behind me at the lone double mattress. I started feeling twitches in slit and spasm in my ass hole. He grabbed and squeezed my buttocks. Soon I felt him parting my legs and I could feel the warmth of his tongue at my cervix. He started licking my cunt and ass hole with single long strokes of his wet tongue. Soon he was probing my slippery slit with his one finger and wet asshole with the other. My cunt was oozing juices while my asshole was twitching. He parted my legs and I let him fuck me from behind as I leaned with my one leg pulled up. As I felt his cock get even stiffer in me and his buttocks begin to clench, I knew he was about to fill my cunt. I pulled his cock out of my cunt and brought his head up to my asshole. ‘Oh mom, I love it’ I have always been fantasizing to fuck your all holes’ he grabbed my ass cheeks and gently entered the round head of his dick in my slippery asshole. While he was gently fucking my ass hole, I was continuously rubbing my clit. I reached my climax and had a fierce orgasm making my finger wet. After sometime, I felt his body twinge as his throbbing cock shot in my ass hole. I could feel 7 shots in my anal canal. As he pulled his heavenly meat from my anal canal, I felt a stream of his thick cream flowing out of my ass hole and sliding down ass crack down my inner thighs. After that we went 69. I came in his mouth quickly. When he seemed ready to shoot off, he slid his monster deep into my mouth and emptied his load. I ate every drop of his cum. 

It was after that session, when we both admitted that we had been fantasizing about each other. The only thing I worried about was that what happens if my daughter comes to know about it. What my son in law told me was shocking for me. He told me that they have been regularly participating in sex parties and both of them like to have variety in sex life. He also told me that my daughter wanted to have sex with some of his friends and he let her do it. Similarly he has also slept with my daughter’s co-office worker with her permission. However, we pledged to keep our relationship secret. He also promised to stay with me whenever he next visits my town in connection with his job even if company pays the hotel rent. That evening we took shower together and once more fucked in the bath tub before we went to see my daughter. 

My daughter was in good condition and directed her husband lovingly ‘Take care of mom as she is taking care of you and the home’.We all smiled. I patted her head and he kissed at her lips, as we left the hospital. After having our meals en-route, we arrived at apartment. We had hardly entered the home, when my son in law lifted me like her doll and tossed me at the mattress. He lifted my skirt up, pulled my panty down and soon his mouth was at my pussy. He started nibbling my clit. ‘Oh God’ it was amazing to have him in me without the feeling of any shame and regret. He was kissing at my lips, kneading my fleshy melons and nibbling my tits. I took his plump shaft in my hand. A thick drop of cum was flowing from its hole. I licked the shaft along its length and then took his mushroom in my mouth while playing with his balls. His penis was throbbing as my cunt was pulsating for his monster. He parted my thighs, lifted my legs up and entered his shaft in my cunt. I was moaning loudly as was he. Suddenly his body shuddered and his cock pulsated in my cunt. His ass stiffened as he clenched his ass hole. I also felt twitches after twitches in my cunt. We both moaned loudly as we had reached our climax together. He grabbed my fleshy melons and I clasped his ass cheeks as we had our orgasms together. I think both of us had multiple shots as my legs became wet when he pulled love shaft from my heavenly holes.

The weekend just started and we hadn’t thought of stopping yet. He came at his back and let me sleep at him with his cock deep dug in my cunt as my legs were spread astride his thighs.